Elbert H. Porter

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Elbert H. Porter

Oil on Canvas, signed and dated 1972, lower right. Measures 23 1/2" wide by 17 1/2 inches high. 


"Elbert Porter is a native son of the area in southern Utah called Long Valley. This early Utah settlement included Orderville and Mount Carmel where Elbert Porter was born in 1917 and continued to live until he was hired to join the sculpture team at the University of Utah.

Porter’s painting of Orderville (Daughters of Utah Pioneers) is quite well known locally as a topographical study of that early United Order settlement in southern Utah; so are his sculptural dinosaurs.

Between 1955-1980 Porter sculpted the sculpture at the Dinosaur Museum, Vernal Utah. At the Natural History State Park Museum in Vernal, visitors stroll through time--historic, prehistoric and geologic.  Exhibits of rock types and vertebrate and invertebrate fossils fill the Geology Hall.  Paintings and murals by Ernest Untermann, an innovative artist and geologist, depict prehistoric scenes and modern vistas. Outside in the Dinosaur Garden, Mesozoic creatures dominate. The display of 14 life-sized extinct animals was created by sculptor Elbert Porter.

Maynard Dixon had been coming to Long Valley since about 1922.  In 1938 he bought land there, and he and his wife Edith Hamlin built his home and studio.

Elbert Porter was a good friend of the Dixons.  He would often paint with them and cooperated with Edith Hamlin in several depictions of the history of the region and the settlement of the Mormon United Order.

In 1939-40 Porter executed the life sized bust of Maynard Dixon. In the opinion of Daniel Dixon it was the most real and accurate work done of his father." - The Thunderbird Foundation 


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