Paul Salisbury - "Cloud Shadows"

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Paul Salisbury, oil on board, signed lower right, measures 30" wide by 24" high.

Paul Salisbury Signature

"Western realist Paul Salisbury has achieved more notability as a cowboy/western painter than any other Utah artist of these scenes. His oil paintings represent nature and its inhabitants with subtle realism. Throughout his life, Salisbury was devoted to scenes of the American Indian, the Western cowboy and landscape.

Salisbury's early years were spent on his father's ranch in Richfield, Utah, near the Kanosh Indian Reservation. There he gained a sympathetic awareness and understanding of the western landscape and its inhabitants. During his younger years, he worked for his father on the family ranch, but as often as possible, Paul took off and drew the scenery and animals around him.

Salisbury received formal art training under his uncle, Cornelius Salisbury, who encouraged him in his artistic pursuits. Paul continued his education at Brigham Young University under B. F. Larsen and E. H. Eastman. He also was privately instructed by LeConte Stewart, a noted Utah landscape artist. Paul studied for several years with the renowned western artist, Frank Tenney Johnson. He stated many times that Johnson was the strongest influence in his art. When Johnson passed away in 1939, Paul and Chloe left California to bring their family back to Utah. He used the same palette of 5 colors and white that Johnson used until Pauls' death in 1970. Despite his early training as an artist, he made a living as a musician and it was not until the early 1950's that Salisbury was able to work continuously as a painter. When he did, he attracted a great deal of attention."

Paul died in 1973, not 1970 as stated by the paragraph above.

Citation: Springville Museum of Art.